I’ve had multiple individual sessions with Theresa. I keep going back because I feel safe and supported by Theresa and the space she has created. I’d compare the sessions to massage without physical touch. Having the singing bowls placed on my body is grounding and incredibly comforting; the warmth and weight help me to let go and move in to an energetic space of receiving right away. After my sessions I always notice how my anxiety has lessened considerably, and I always leave feeling relaxed and at peace. Thank you Theresa!

Jaime L.

Theresa and the sound baths she offers are an amazing experience. One's body vibrates with energy for days. After a sound bath, I feel relaxed and balanced. I have yet to do a personal session but the group sound baths are something I keep coming back to.

Jacquie Aegerter

Theresa provides a welcoming, healing atmosphere. As you step into her space you feel embraced with lovely scent and a knowing you will be well taken care of while with Theresa. I've done several sound baths and individual sessions with Theresa. The power of the bowls is almost overwhelming. The vibration and the intensity of their singing is on a whole other level and takes you, mind/body, into the twilight of healing. I feel better every time I have had a session with Theresa and her bowls. It is most definitely a magical experience, that offers another level of healing energy work. I can't wait to have another session!

Sarah Stepans

I have done a sound bath and 1 personal session which was my first real introduction to this. It was mesmerizing. It honestly felt as if my body knew this sound and was healing itself. It was very relaxing and inviting. I would highly recommend these services to my family and friends.


Even though a sound bath was a very new idea to me, I was excited to have time to focus on myself. Theresa was welcoming and helped me understand the process before we started so I felt peaceful and prepared. It was such a healing process and at the end I felt I had more information about what I was feeling and needing. After the session, Theresa helped me process a few ideas that had surfaced. I so appreciated how she was so welcoming in a genuine way. That night I slept better than I have in four years. I am a mom and just haven't had that kind of sleep since my daughter was born.

Anna F.

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