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What should be in a labor and birth kit?

A wonderful friend reached out to me asking if I have ever made a labor and birth kit or if I'd be interested in doing so. Hmmm...I hadn't ever thought about it, however, I had just picked up a new book at convention named "Betsy's Bosom's Baby Book."

Labor and Delivery Kit created for my friend is on the right.

This was the perfect opportunity to dig into the new book as well as help out a friend. I consulted several books in my research and then came up with a kit I would have wanted if I was going to give birth myself.

I am really glad there are so many references available now that essential oils are becoming more popular.

Please remember when I reference essential oils, I am only referring to Young Living Essential Oils. It is up to each one of us to research and then decide what is best for our own families.

Although I consulted all of the books, the majority of my decisions for the kit came from the Betsy Bosom's Baby Book because she is a doula. Her book was easy to read with some great recipes and other helpful tips. Betsy is also currently pregnant after following hormone balancing protocols in the book "Lucy Libido says there's an oil for THAT. A girlfriends guide to using essential oils between the sheets."

So what's in the kit?

  • V-6 Carrier Oil

  • Peri Spray

  • Calming Spritz

  • Massage Oil

  • Sitz Bath

  • Diffuser

  • Labor Enhancing Roll-on

  • Several essential oils to help with the birthing process

  • Notecards that describe how to use everything in the kit. The opposite side had free birthing affirmations which I found on Pinterest.

The labor and birth kit was fun to make. I am honored to have been asked to create this tool to help bring a precious baby into this world.

Have you used essential oils in your labor and birth process? If so, what did you use? Did you wish you had something you forgot about? I look forward to hearing about your experience.

I will be talking more about this kit in my FaceBook group. The group is about overall wellness. Want to join in, click here.

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