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What happens in an individual sound & vibration session?

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

I understand that this type of healing method may be new to individuals. That is what inspired this blog post. It is like other forms of care. An intake form is filled out prior to the first session taking place. The session works best with an intention or prayer so I will ask the receiver for their intention or what they would like to work on prior to beginning our session together. The intention can be as simple as, "please heal anything which needs to be healed" to something as specific as "please heal my aching leg." The intention or prayer is the focus of the treatment session.

The receiver lies on a massage table and is surrounded by a family of singing and tranquility bowls. The lights are dimmed. The receiver remains fully clothed throughout the session, an eye pillow and blankets are offered for comfort.


The Himalayan Cranio-Sacral Technique is used to start the session. With soft hands, pressure is applied to the base of the receiver's skull with the third and fourth fingers drawing towards the giver. After an appropriate time, I move my hands slightly towards the temples. At this time, I can send healing thoughts, intentions and/or prayers to the receiver.

A protocol is used in which the bowls are struck or rubbed by a soft or velvet-covered mallet. About half way through the session, warm water is added to the bowl which is located between the receiver's ankles. The bowl with warm water is placed on the inside of one of the receiver's ankle and is gently moved up the inside of the lower leg while rubbing the bowl with the velvet-covered mallet. At the knee joint. the bowl is moved to the top of the thigh, continues towards the belly of the recipient where it rests momentarily. The warm water is changed and the same protocol occurs on the other leg. Once the legs are complete, the bowl continues up the center of the body to just below the breastbone. The bowl is then lifted and moved slowly over the throat and head of the receiver. Once complete, the receiver is asked to turn over onto their stomach and move up so their head lies gently in the face cradle. The warm water bowl is used on the back and down both of the legs.

At the completion of the session, it is important to drink lots of water as energy has been moved and the water will facilitate toxins being removed from the body. It is recommended that this type of therapy is used consistently especially for ailments which have been present for some time. That is why I offer discount rates for five or ten session packs.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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