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Updated: May 14, 2018

I didn’t know that I had so much to gain when I brought an essential oil premium starter kit into my home. A little over three years ago, I was flipping through the Young Living Product Guide. It was January and I had a case of the winter blues. That’s when I came across the Feelings Kit, which promised uplifting feelings. I thought, “What do I have to lose?” I started using that kit twice a day and within five days I felt like a totally different person. I couldn’t believe that those little drops could made such a difference in the way I felt. It was at that point that I wanted to share the goodness in those little jars with anyone who would listen. Over time I have switched out the toxic cleaning products I was using in my home. Who knew that you didn’t have to choke and gasp for air while cleaning? Over time I’ve switched out my supplements to Young Living products. Did you know when supplements are infused with essential oils, not only does absorption happen much faster, your cells also receive nutrients that they were previously unable to assimilate? How cool is that?

Young Living has provided much more than I even knew was possible. Not only have my doctor visits decreased, I feel better than ever before. I have become friends with individuals all over the United States and in some cases, the World. At anytime I am able to learn from, bounce ideas off of and grow with these awesome people who are considered more like family.

So this brings me to what I wanted to share with you. For the next couple of days, Young Living is giving a 15% discount on one of our most popular diffusers. What does that mean? You have the opportunity to customize your experience with a great deal. Maybe you want to dabble just a bit with essential oils but really work on removing the toxins in your home. The Thieves Premium Starter Kit has the best way to remove toxins from your home quickly. Then you can add on the Dew Drop Diffuser which comes with 2 oils at the discounted rate. We also have the NingXia Red Premium Starter kit. This kit has the best antioxidant drink and natural cognitive fitness boost on the market. Maybe you’ve been wanting the essential oil premium starter kit, but one diffuser wasn’t enough. Perhaps you want to take advantage of the diffuser deal with the basic membership kit. Of course you my just purchase the diffuser at 15% off retail price. However, the best deal is to invest in yours and your family’s wellness with any one of the kits. This allows you to purchase any Young Living products at 24% off retail prices for life! I’d be happy to help you customize the experience which is best for you and you can become part of our supportive FamOily.

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