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Top 4 reasons you need Sky Styx Yoga in your life!

Updated: May 7, 2019

#1 It's the movement your body has been craving and you didn't even know.

Sky Styx will enable you to move in ways you never knew your body wanted. Opening up your chest---giving relief to your hunched shoulders that comes from everyday's normal activity. With this methodology, time is given to move intuitively so you can feed the movement that feels best in your body whether it's fast or slow. When you listen to your body--you feed your mind, body and soul.

#2 No yoga experience necessary!

You absolutely do not need to know anything about yoga. This methodology allows you to explore the current potential of your body in a safe manner. You will be guided through some movements and will also be allowed time to move with your innate wisdom. One of the most important tips will be to listen to your body, you should not feel any pain or strain at any time.

# 3 Your balance, strength and alignment will improve with continued practice.

Sky Styx allows safe exploration of your body. With time, every part of your body strengthens and aligns in a gentle way. Continual movement allows the body to be it's best self, especially as we age. This methodology was geared for individuals over the age of 50, however, it have proven to be fun and effective in individuals of all ages and abilities. There are always modifications in this practice because everyone's BODY is unique.

#4 Sky Styx serve as a visual reminder to stay present, focused, relaxed and curious.

As we move from place to place each day, trying to multitask--we don't spend much time "being in our bodies." Sky Styx become a visual reminder to practice being present, being relaxed and at the same time focused and of course; curious. Throughout the class there is time to notice the sensations in the body and move to our unique rhythm which often speaks, but is often hushed because of other things going on around us.

Laramie's first Sky Styx Yoga class was held on Tuesday, May 15th at La Bonte Park. Just South of Feeding Laramie Valley Building at 968 N. 9th Street, Laramie, WY. Want to know more about this methodology? Check out my other blog post here.

Check our schedule for upcoming classes.

Invite your friends and come join us.

The below video shows some movements using the Sky Styx methodology.

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