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How are you feeling these days?

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Edited: 4/20/18

Do you always feeling tired or groggy? Feel sick most of the time? Tired of taking drugs to feel somewhat normal?

The products in your home may be responsible for some, if not all, of those symptoms. Did you know that our indoor environment is 5-7 times more toxic than being outside? That is because our homes are filled with harmful chemicals.

When the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 was created, all existing chemicals were considered safe for use and grandfathered in. This means thousands of chemicals on the market today were never tested.

Do you read labels? Like ALL labels? Some of us are concerned whether our food is organic. What about everything else? Have you read the labels on your cleaners? How about the labels on your bath or body products? Do you have those plug-in air fresheners?

This is the part where I would normally recommend the Think Dirty App. Not any more... Read what was written by Madison Goodyear about the Think Dirty App.

About the Think Dirty App
Attention Attention.... sad, and very disappointing news!
There is word on the street that the Think Dirty App (that I have recommended and personally used for a while now) has been bought by a CPG company, specifically Proctor & Gamble. I can’t personally validate this, but as I now look up products I see either items that were once rated 9 or 10 are reduced, and they aren’t labeling “fragrance” as a carcinogen, and ironically many of P&G products that are some of the dirtiest products are now saying NR (no-rating). #thisisbull
Example: Check out how Tide (one of the dirtiest) is now suddenly NR! A few weeks ago they rated it a 9 and disclosed known carcinogens and hormone disrupters that it contained 😡😡😡 Guys, #sorrynotsorry no matter how you spin it Tide products are bad.for.you. Ditch that garbage.
💀 Sorry guys, I will never stop talking about this. They’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes.. keep us in the dark! Synthetic Fragrance alone causes hormones disruptions, respiratory issues, endocrine issues, cancer and so much more! And it’s in almost everything you use daily!
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has an article regarding Synthetic Fragrance is a carcinogen guys ditch that crap read here.

So now what?! It's up to you to do your research. Yes, it takes time, but isn't your health worth it? Here is a great cheat sheet to find hidden toxins in your everyday products.

Let me know when you're interested in learning about alternatives to your products? I'd be happy to help you create a plan to remove those harmful chemicals in a budget friendly manner.

Young Living has an Essential Rewards (ER) Program. It requires a 50 Product Value (PV) purchase each month, however, you earn a percentage back to use towards free products. I earn 25% back because I've been on ER over 25 months. New members begin earning 10% back for the first three months, then jump to 20% back on month four. ER allows you to transfer buy. What does that mean? Well, you are already purchasing shampoo, toothpaste, dish soap, etc. at the big box stores. Why not transfer your purchase to Young Living where you know the ingredients are safe?

It's up to you to protect your family. You are the gatekeeper to your home. Have questions? Let's set a time to chat! Contact me here.

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