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So what do singing bowls sound like?

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Whenever I mention singing bowls, I always get curious looks. I honestly believe they are hard to describe because everyone has such a unique experience. What happens for one person, doesn't necessarily happen for the next. Even if they are in the same room at the same time.

Why is that? Although we are very much the same, we are very much different. We have all had unique experiences growing up. Those experiences color the way we interpret or experience the events around us.

Think of how we are born perfect, then life happens. Perhaps losing a loved one, a car accident, a bad day at school, eating highly processed food, the list can go on and on. Those life events take a toll on our body.

The singing bowls can have an amazing array of benefits. They will harmonize with your body to help bring it back into balance. They give your body what it needs.

One of my participants once said, "I felt like all the cells in my body were bouncing around throughout the session and then they arranged perfectly. I feel wonderful!"

Another participant said, "I was filled with a lot of energy after our session. I was able to accomplish things I had been procrastinating about for a long time."

I believe most questions about the singing bowls come from the unknown. I had never been introduced to singing bowls before two years ago. I didn't have any reference point to compare it to. I remember coming home with my "family of bowls." I set them up and began reading my book.

I, myself had lots of questions. I wasn't sure how my fur babies would react. Would they like the sound? Would they hate it? Would they bark? Will I ever get to practice in my home? My fur babies were very curious, came close by, found a comfy place to lay down and just listened as I practiced.

I understand it may be difficult to imagine something you have never experienced. I recorded a short compilation so you have some reference point about the sound of these ancient tools.

Find a quiet spot or put on some headphones. Perhaps dim the lights, allow your body to relax and begin by taking several, long, deep breaths which come from your lower belly. Click on video below and enjoy!

I'd encourage you to come back and comment about your thoughts or arrange a time to come and check them out one-on-one. I love spending time with my bowls and I love sharing them with others even more!

Singing Bowls set up for a sound bath

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