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Reflections of the 1st year and Anniversary Specials

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with many individuals over the last year. Some of them individually and some in a group setting. Participants ages ranged from 4 months to 69 years of age. The settings varied from an individual treatment room to kids yoga camp, living rooms and group settings in various yoga studios in Wyoming and New Mexico.

Many of the individuals shared their experience and are listed below:

"I felt energized after my session."
"I love the warm water with the vibrations. It is calming and peaceful."
"I find it interesting to how the vibrations feel to be taking away the negative/anxious feelings and leaving peaceful/resolved ones instead."
"The vibration therapy was amazing it was as if my nerves have been dormant for a very long time and the vibrations began waking them up. I didn't want the therapy to stop. I definitely feel like I am in another state and would like to continue to see what this can do to heal."
"I found this therapy to be very relaxing. I was very relaxed the rest of the evening."
"I felt taken care of and because of that I was able to surrender into deep relaxation."
"The vibrations led me to a calm meditative state, that was exactly what I needed after my chaotic weekend."
"At my annual doctor's exam, my blood pressure was normal for the first time ever."
"This was the best healing session I've had in a really, long time."
"I slept better than I have in four years. I am a mom and just haven't had that kind of sleep since my daughter was born. "
"I was immediately at ease and able to clear my mind."

To celebrate 1st Year Anniversary, the following specials and events are being offered in the month of October.

Twenty minute individual sessions will be offered for $20.00.

Restrictions: Appointments must be made online for the available time slots in the month of October. Children 17 years old or younger must have a parent present for the session. One session per individual.

10% off retail prices for in-stock Young Living Products.

Restrictions: Limited to products currently in-stock at 309 E. Grand Ave., Laramie, WY. Two Premium Starter Kits are available.

Fall Sky Styx Series

Fall has arrived. This makes it the perfect time to slow down, be present and move your body in ways you never knew it craved. No prior experience necessary. If you can breathe, you can do yoga, especially this one.

This intimate space will entice all of your senses. All classes are intentionally created with you in mind. The series offers gentle yoga and incorporates floor Sky Styx movements. Sound therapy will accompany savasana.

The full series will be available for purchase until October 7th. Investment is $45/series

Single class purchase will be available beginning on October 8th $20/class

Open House

Come visit our studio right after our Cowboys Homecoming Parade on October 20th. This is the perfect opportunity to get a feel for our studio and spin the lucky wheel for discounts and prizes. Refreshment will be available.

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