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How to get started with Young Living

Young Living is a lifestyle company.

So you've heard about essential oils time and time again. You've researched for yourself and made the decision to start with Young Living, but you don't know where to start. This blog post was written specifically for those wanting to start but don't know how to sign up. If someone else introduced you to Young Living, make sure and reach out to them for their sponsor and enroller number.

There are three basic options which are outlined below.


  • Become a retail customer.

  • Great if you are interested in only one oil.


  • Become a wholesale member.

  • 24% off all future purchases.

  • Spend 50 PV (product value) per year to maintain membership.

  • Set up to share the products if you ever want to.


  • Wholesale membership plus essential rewards program.

  • 24% off all future purchases.

  • Discounted shipping.

  • Place at lease a 50 PV order each month.

  • Free gifts at months 3, 6, 9, 12.

  • Reward points back on all orders.

  • Set up to share the products if you ever want to.

Wholesale Membership Kits and Essential Reward (ER) Options

So which option are you interested in?

  • Go to floweringjourney.com

  • Choose "Order Now."

  • Select between becoming a member or retail customer.

  • Confirm your sponsor and enroller number as 2352409.

  • If becoming a wholesale member, choose your kit: basic or premium.

  • If becoming a retail customer, fill out the member information and then select your item.

  • Complete the order process.

If you have questions or want suggestions on how to bring wellness into your home, let me know. Send me a message or call me at (307) 240-9536.

What will you get for beginning your Young Living Journey?

  • Health above the wellness line for you and your family.

  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals.

  • Friendships with individuals around the world.

  • A website full of training information.

  • My support throughout your journey.

  • Opportunities to learn more through exclusive programs.

  • A paycheck if you wish to share, but you never have to tell anyone anything, never pressure to do so.


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