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How do I learn how to use essential oils?

I know when I began my journey over three years ago, I had a little fear wrapped around those little bottles. Months prior to joining Young Living, I had picked up a bottle of Lavender at Whole Foods (gasp)! I paid more for that bottle than I would of at Walmart so it should have been higher quality, right?! I was so wrong. I placed a couple of drops on to my eye pillow right before savasana in a yoga class. Ouch! I couldn't see right afterwards because of the fumes coming from the oil labeled "pure & natural" were so strong.

I think you can see why I was somewhat afraid of essential oils at that point. I quickly learned that ALL oils are NOT created equally. Did you know there aren't any regulations for essential oils. That means that labeling is all over the place. Unless you know and trust your supplier, you most likely are in for a big disappointment and possibly harm to your body parts. If you notice those bottles which claim to be 100% pure, natural, etc often have a disclaimer not to use topically. Why would this be if they truly were pure and natural? Hmmm...

In one of my earlier blog posts I described how my Young Living journey started. I had such a great experience with the Young Living Feelings Kit, that I wanted to explore all things essential oil. I was so glad when I learned that there was a whole community for my team available to help me learn more. Not only that, my team had a training center outside of facebook. At the beginning I wasn't sure I wanted to do the business, but I wanted the information. I joined all the oily facebook groups out there. I read, researched and read some more. My essential oil literature library is quite full at this point.

However, you don't NEED to have reference material in order to use essential oils. Yes, it helps, but you have intuition and when you trust it, it won't lead you astray. When you join my team, I do offer a basic welcome book which will also help get you started.

Let's talk about no reference material for a bit. When you are open to listening to your intuition, some oils will just speak to you. Your body generally knows what it needs, but as humans we tend to allow our brains to override our intuition to follow what sounds logical.

What if you are newbie to the oil (remember I only refer to Young Living Essential Oils) world and without reference material? You may start by using oils on your feet with a carrier oil. What's a carrier oil? It is something like coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil-some type of fatty oil. So a little carrier oil in the palm of your hand, a drop or two of an essential oil and give yourself a nice foot massage. Become aware of what happens in your body. Did you notice anything different? Did you like it? Was there any noticeable change? Did you sleep better? Keep a journal so you can look back at what you notice. Let me know what you experience. I am always up for an oily chat!

There are some great references out there. If you are in Laramie, WY and would like to check out my library, let me know. I'd be happy to let you browse through them before deciding to order your own. I usually get my reference material from Life Science Publishing.

So what are some of the resources I use? This is only a small handful of the books I reference from time to time.

Call me old school but I enjoy flipping through books. There is something about turning pages.

You may be wondering are there electronic versions of these books? There are for some of them. You are able to have the Essential Oil Desk Reference (EODR) on your phone with a yearly subscription to Life Science Publishing's Preferred Membership. You may also gift the app to your friends and family for an additional charge when you have the membership. The EODR is not compliant and will reference diseases/ailments and everything else we can't discuss when talking about Young Living Oils.

Jen O'Sullivan, author and Young Living Enthusiast also has an app which is called The EO Bar. Her app is compliant so you won't find the wide range of uses for all of our products but it's a handy reference on the go.

Have more questions? Let me know!

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