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A week in the life of auntie with a 10-year-old.

It all started off well enough. We left early Sunday morning from New Mexico to Wyoming. The last time Illy had visited was six years ago. I think she probably slept most of the way so she didn't realize how long the drive is. When we were 4 1/2 hours in, the count down began. She would let me know in a delicate voice how much more time we had on the road. I would attempt to distract her by asking questions.

We dropped Zoe and Taf at home and then went to the grocery store to pick up some items for the week. This made meal planning easier since we picked up items she was familiar with and enjoyed. I am thankful for Young Living's Einkorn Pancake Mix as well as Spaghetti. It helped out so I could make some of those often sought out meals with ingredients I know are good and nutritious. Both meals got a thumbs up approval from Illy.

I took Monday off of work so we could sleep in a bit and she could get grounded in her new surroundings. We were able to catch a kid's feature at the local movie theater that morning. She was quite excited about having reclining seats. The movie was better than I expected so that was nice. That afternoon was the first day of her yoga camp at Blossom Yoga Studio here in Laramie, WY.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to conduct a 45 minute sound bath for the 6-10 year olds in the camp that day. There was a wide variety of reactions to it. A couple fell into a deep sleep, others were a bit restless and then there were the curious that kept their eyes open with attention on me to see what I was doing. At the end, I asked if any of the kid's would like to step in what's called the mother bowl. Most of the kids stepped up and were amazed with the strong feeling of vibration moving up their little bodies.

On Tuesday we were up and at work early. Since she was 10, I didn't think it would take much to entertain her while I worked. Well, she finished the little projects I had for her very quickly. She became restless but never complained. My whiteboard markers are now organized... That evening she joined in on the first Sky Styx class here in Laramie at La Bonte Park.

I decided to take a few hours off Wednesday and Thursday morning. She still accompanied me to work but only for a couple of hours.

Rick is out of town this week. I never realized how difficult single parenting can be. I've always played the auntie card, able to spend time with my nieces and nephews but never had them all to my self for a week relying on me for their food, shelter and entertainment. Let's just say that the time off Wednesday and Thursday was also for me. Whew! It's a lot of work to get everything done.

Wednesday evening we decided to visit the Wyoming Territorial Prison. We had just toured the prison and were out in the fenced yard when I noticed a weird cloud pattern. I said, "Illy, lets go outside the fence to look at those clouds." She captured the first photo. When we stepped out neither one of us expected what we saw. A funnel began to form until it was on the ground. I never thought I'd see a tornado in Wyoming so it took a bit for it to fully process. Then I said, "We better head back to the visitor's center." We started walking back when two women coming from the prison began screaming, "Oh my, there is a tornado!" "Where should we go?" There was great fear in their voices and this frightened Illy. When we entered the visitor's center they asked if there was a basement. We were lead to the rarely accessed basement which was small and dusty. The women realized they had scared Illy and apologized. They tried to comfort her in saying we were in the safest place and we would be okay. Illy wasn't quite sure. She decided to sit and distract herself with her phone. Twenty minutes into the warning we were told we had to leave. They offered a refund but my concern was to get home and into the basement as soon as possible. I could see that the tornado was still active but did not point this fact out. We went into the house, gathered Zoe and Taf and hung out in the basement until it was deemed safe to come out.

Thursday morning we went to the recreation center where Illy swam for a couple of hours while I did some work on my computer.

Friday came and she went with me to work but I had some meetings to attend, she spent a little time with a close friend of mine at work. This allowed time her time to capture pictures of the bunnies hopping around campus. She was also able to make a cast of a fossil at the Geology Museum.

Saturday was another early day traveling. At least this time we saw some amusing sights along the way and we happened to play the alphabet game near Denver so it went rather quickly.

I believe she is more appreciative of the road trips I take to go visit a couple of times a year after her recent experience. I am more appreciative of all the single parents out there doing the best they can for their children.


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